Business Law

Contract Formation & Litigation
Our clients come from various industries and operate within many business structures including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. The Law Firm can assist clients with all aspects of business organization and formation so that our clients are available to concentrate on their business rather than legal details. Should a contractual disagreement arise within a business our office will also work to resolve those disagreements on your behalf in the most efficient and economically beneficial manner possible.

Entity Formation
If you are incorporating a new business and aren’t sure which entity may benefit you most, please contact The Law Firm and we can assist you. We can advise you whether incorporation or another entity is right for your business. Getting started on the right foot is very important, and an experienced attorney can help you avoid legal problems down the road. There are many decisions and filings that must be made when starting a new business.

Partnership Agreements
A partnership is created when people join together in business. There are several types of partnerships agreements. Our experienced attorneys will help you decide whether a partnership is a good idea for your business, and which type of agreement would be best for you. The Law Firm will make sure your partnership agreement describes each partner’s rights and responsibilities.

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