To litigate is to engage in a legal proceeding or to carry out a lawsuit. Thus, divorce litigation is the process of carrying out a divorce in which the two parties disagree in regards to diverging or conflicting interests. Divorce litigation differs from divorce mediation as divorce mediation is quicker, and led primarily by the desire for both parties to make joint decisions.

Divorce litigation is usually a longer process because it involves several court appearances and is usually more adversarial and potentially more accusatory, usually led by the parties’ attorneys who are fighting for their client’s self- interests.

Divorce litigation occurs when two parties cannot come to an agreement on their own. This leads to each of them hiring an attorney to represent them and fight for their separate interests. Due to the drawn- out nature of the process of litigation, both parties will be forced to make several court appearances, engage in mediations and depositions, and gradually reach a resolution. This process can last anywhere from several months to several years.

The complications involving a divorce matter makes it extremely important to hire the right divorce attorney. Our attorneys have the knowledge, competence, and dedication to provide a strong litigation for all kinds of family law disputes. Call to schedule your consultation appointment.

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