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Real Estate
At The Law Firm we represent clients in matters associated with residential real estate including purchasing, sales and financing. If you are selling or buying a home, we will be pleased to assist you with your needs. An experienced attorney will enhance your ability to overcome any pitfalls and obstacles that may arise during the sale and/or acquisition of real estate. The purchase, sale, and financing of real estate can be overwhelming. Our attorneys work with individual homebuyers and sellers, brokers, developers, lenders and contractors. We handle a wide range of transactions and disputes.

Contractor / Sub Contractor Agreements
A very important part of the real estate process is having a well-written agreement. The contracts should be specific enough to serve as the final word on any potential areas of dispute. Each individual agreement must be tailored for the project at issue so as to avoid future litigation. A wide range of other provisions can also be included. The more specific the agreement the better it will be. It is important that these types of business arrangements be set out in writing rather than orally. Written contracts will prove invaluable in the event of disagreements, misunderstandings, or litigation between parties.

Whether you are the buyer, seller, homeowner or real estate agent, getting your business relationship in writing is a smart move. Let us help you avoid misunderstandings and costly litigation, call today for a consultation.

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